About Us

Sholkem are a relatively new organisation based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK specialising in fine and functional chemicals supplying UK, European and Americas.

Formed by the founder John Rawson less than 10 years ago out of a demand for commercially interesting organic intermediates the company has grown from strength to strength in the Pharmaceutical, industrial, fragrance and lithographic industries over the last five years.

The founder has a lifetime experience in Asia both throughout India and along the Eastern Provinces from North to South of China and has built up a reliable professional organisation in both countries along with selected suppliers who support Sholkem in their sales and marketing efforts from the UK base.

Some intermediates like Potassium tert Butoxylate are stocked in the UK.

Sholkem are offering special preservatives and have access to efficacy testing within the UK at Associates site. All preservative formulations contain BPD approved actives. To contact us click here.

Partner Companies around the world supply their intermediates and fine chemicals through Sholkem.